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The IXION 50PLUS is the most versatile cutting head carrier in the range. It can access in unforgiving sites and work efficiently thanks to its hydraulically adjustable axle tracks, with independent radio control of each track.
It develops maximum power of 166 Nm at 1400 rpm and is fuel-efficient. Performance is ensured whatever the terrain by fitting either HIGH GRIP or EXTREME GRIP track types with steel inserts and the possibility of adding spikes.

The standard essentials


  • Make: Perkins
  • No. of cylinders: 3
  • Power(HP): 49
  • Displacement: 1662 cm3
  • Intake: Turbocharged

  • Fuel capacity: 29 l

  • Maximum slope: 55°

Maintenance and scrub clearance.


  • Width: 1300 ou 1500 mm
  • No. of Y-blades: 48 ou 56
  • Weight(kg) : 240 ou 280

Thick branches, scrub clearance and heavy-duty jobs. The rotor and cages are manufactured using Hardox.

Ixion 50PLUS

  • Width: 1200 mm
  • No. of 360° hammers: 22
  • Weight: 370 kg

Deforestation, forestry roads, tree stumps and very high vegetation. It is equipped with strengthened tines, a helical alternator, a BOSCH REXROTH piston engine and an integrated anti-cavitation valve, removable counter-blades and driven by 4 VHP belts.

Ixion 50PLUS

  • Width: 1250 mm
  • No. of fixed hammers: 32
  • Weight: 480 kg

The IXION winch secures the machine for moving to hazardous sites. With its steel 3-stage planetary gearbox, it can be used with up to 5900 kg of high load capacity traction power on a horizontal plane. It is weather-proof, making it ideal for all driving conditions and all terrains


Standard or reinforced chassis:

  • Radio control
  • Motor 6 HP
  • Brakes : action
  • Cable 24 m Ø9,4 mm
  1. Forward/rear proportional drive joystick
  2. R/L track steering
    Head height adjustment
  3. Robot tilt indication
  4. Maximum speed adjustment potentiometer
  5. Potentiometer supplying more or less one track for working on a camber
  6. Forward/rear and R/L movement toggle selector
  7. Left track gauge change (IXION 50 only)
  8. Right track gauge change (IXION 50 only)
  9. Rotor activation for mowing or scrub clearance
  10. Horn
  11. Travel mode selection, the engine rating adapts to the forward speed
  12. Machine and remote control emergency stop
  13. Activation of the revolving light
  14. Declogging of radiator and selection of auxiliary distributor
  15. Increase/decrease the diesel engine speed
  16. Start/stop the diesel engine
  17. Activation of the float
  18. Activate the LED work lights

The IXION robot is a tool carrier. Many attachments are already available, while others are at the design stage. They are all intended to make work easier in all types of sectors – by local council amenity workers and in the private sector – tackling infrastructure and landscape upkeep, environmental protection, snow clearance as well as forestry, vineyard, cattle farm, orchard and other maintenance work.

Attachments optional:

  • Adjustable vibrating unit with telescopic arms
  • Shredding unit with output chute
  • Mower with retractable satellite
  • Revolving brush
  • Snow blade
  • Snow blower
  • Stump grinder
  • Atomizer
  • Loader with bucket
  • Cutter bar
  • Branch shredder
  • Windrower
  • Front tipping bucket
  • Rotary harrow
  • Tongs
  • Forestry winch
  • Vertical brush
  • Roadside verge levelling scraper

The IXION’s shredding unit is equipped with a FLOAT system to follow all unevenness of the ground perfectly and gently. Once the unit’s ideal position has been set, horizontal following of the work area will continue thanks to a nitrogen ball that maintains the pressure on the soil at the required level.

Rubber HIGH GRIP spikes for
working on mixed terrain.

Rubber EXTREME GRIP tread with steel inserts.

EXTREME GRIP fitted with steel spikes.

Lagarde robot IXION radiocommande cinématique 50plus

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